Sunday, September 20, 2015

Penipuan Cinta di Internet - 7 hari mencari cinta

Aku nak share pengalaman aku pasal penipuan cinta Internet.. (Ada jugak kes penipuan jualan/belian barangan)
Sebenarnya aku dah tau dah dia ni penipu..tapi saja nak cari pengalaman + perasaan ingin tahu apa ayat jiwang yang depa gunakan sbg modus operandi mengayat orang Malaysia.. memandangkan aku xminat sgt drama Indonesia yg pjg lebar episodnya, maka cukup 7 hari, aku settlekan isu ni..hihi.. mentang2 la aku single, berani kau memainkan perasaan aku....cewah... tapi kalau kita kesepian ke desperate ke, boleh terjerat jugak r aku rasa... dan yang paling penting, bukan perempuan saja tau yang menjadi mangsa, lelaki pun ada k..

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Aku kenal melalui fb, dia add aku.. Masa dia add tu ada 2 mutual friend.. Aku ni bukan Siti Nurhaliza yg ramai kawan x dikenali, so syak wasangka aku menjadi 99%.. Tapi yg aku kesian sekali gambar sorang pakcik yang dia ambik jadi profil pic dia tu... Ada sapa2 kenal x pakcik ni??? Zaman sekarang ni, orang suka tipu menggunakan Agama.. kalau zaman dulu, org suka tipu guna kekayaan..

Untuk makluman, pakcik ni xbersalah, gambar dia mungkin telah disalah gunakan oleh orang tersebut... Bahaya kan zaman sekarang..

So, ni conversation aku dengan dia...tapi maapla english aku ke laut..haha

Hari ke-1 07:46
Assalamualaikum Thanks for accepting my friend request How are you?

Hari ke-2
14/09/2015 02:22
Waalaikumussalam.. Welcome.. I'm fine..thanks
Alhamdulillah I am pleased to meet you here Where do you live?
I live in Dublin I am from Malaysia but I was born and raised here in Dublin How old are you?
Are you a student?
No..graduated already
Are you working?
Yes..working at home..
Are you married?
I m divorced dear
Which kind work is done at home?
Home tuition and babysitter
How old are you?
ok dear
I am 49 years (sebaya dengan ibu aku wei...hahaha)
What are your hobbies?
Many things..
I like swimming and shopping
When last you shop?
Last week
I always go to the mall every weekends to shop
Do you like foreign souvenirs?
You are muslim right?
Then I will buy for you souvenirs from here and send to you sister
What is the size of your shoes and wears?
Shoes 9 Wears xxl
Ok sister
As soon as I go to the shopping mall today during my lunch and buy souvenirs to you, then I will let you know immediately today
What are you doing now sister?
Why you kind to me? We don't know each other..
Because you are a muslim sister and I like you
Owh..why you like me?
Because you are a muslim like me
We are meant to love each other
Don't you know that sister?
Do you have children?
One kid but she stays in the school dormitory
Can you speak Malay?
No because I was born and brought up here in Dublin with English language so that I can mix up with people here
Why you divorced?
My wife is not a dedicated muslim
Owh..sorry to hear that.. What she did?
She mixed up always with the non believers of muslim
Are you working?
I am working over here
I'm cannot speak English very well
Ok dearest but I can understand you
Your family Malaysian people?
My father who has died is from Malaysia while my mother is from Dublin
Yes dear
Do you know that you are beautiful too?
Everybody are beautiful with their own way..
Yes but I appreciate your own way dear
You are welcome
Have you chat with any foreign man before on Facebook?
No..only you
ok dear
So how long have you been on facebook?
Many years.. Why? How many people that you chat now?
Only you dearest
Do you like facebook?

Fb ok..not bad..why?
·         Fadel Hussain
I just ask to know dearest
I like facebook too
Its place to chat with people in many countries of the world
Know their cultures and beliefs
That's right..
Yes dearest
So, what are you doing now
But you are special because you are Muslim and that's why I will send the souvenirs to you so you can be happy to meet a Muslim brother on facebook
Owh... Every Muslim people you give souvenir?
No dearest
I find you as a special one
Because you are from Malaysia my father's home
Owh...I think you have friends with mny Malaysian people
No just few dearest
What are you doing now?
Just chatting with you
So good
Where will you go today?
Not go anywhere.. Just stay at home
Alright my dearest
I will go to my bed now
I will write to you later
Owh..what time now?
11 PM

Ok..take care..waalaikumussalam..

Hari ke-3
15/09/2015 07:28
How are you dearest?
amboi2....takat nak cari gambaq kat google, aku pun boleh...

Send to me your address Your full name And your phone number dearest
I'm fine thanks..
U? many..
Yes dearest I bought them for you so you will always remember me when you are using them
Send to me your address Your full name And your phone number dearest
I think too early..

We just know each other..
(aku memang xbagi details semua tu...start pada sini aku baca blog hairul .. memang xsangka, ramai gila yang dah kena tipu..huhuhu)
Hari ke-4
16/09/2015 21:18
OMG Why are you rejecting the gifts from my heart sister?

Dia dah dapat rasa yg xleh tipu aku, so dia mcm nak marah dah...

Hari ke-5 08:49
How are you
I am fine dearest
Are you there?
Ok dearest
You have to understand that you are my sister
You need to be happy meeting me here
Of coz I'm happy
I really appreciate and thank Allah for making you to come my way
Me too..
You rejected gifts I spent my money to buy for your dearest
I'm not that kind of person
I have the same feeling you have for me too
If u want to give me.. We must meet each other face to face..
Why must we meet ourselves face to face?
Because I want to know u
Have anybody sent gifts for you before from abroad?
No..but I must be careful
Yes I am coming to meet you soon dearest bring that gift also
I was thinking of that before you even say it
Its like you know what is on my mind
You so sweet dearest
What are you thinking?
Coming to visit you
So what are you doing now
I am in my office right now dearest
And you?
Just watching TV and chat with you..
Do you live alone?
Family too
Alright dearest
Where will you go tomorrow?
Don't know..
Do you think is a wise idea to marry a foreigner?
What type of business that are you doing..
You want to married with me?
I am a supplier and a self contractor I supply construction equipment and engines to various companies here and outside here
Yes I am thinking so because I am beginning to like you dearest
yes dearest
You like me?
yes dearest
You look so good
Where you look me?
Are you not the one I am seeing on the profile?
Of coz that is me
That is where I looked you and like you
That's only picture
I see many of your pictures
That's not fair..
I only see one of you pic
So, dia bagi 2 lagi pic pakcik tu kat Mekah...
So lucky, you can go mecca..
Yes dearest
When we marry, I will like to take you there
Next year my mom and dad will go there..
Maybe we can join them too
But this year so sad..
Why so sad?
At mecca
Yes dearest
It was indeed so sad
I have to be busy now dearest
Lets chat again later
Ok..take care

Hari ke-6
Assalamualaikum dearest
How was your day dearest?
Alhamdulillah.. Good..
I am good over here
Have you taken your dinner?
So what did you eat?
Are you working now?
Yes I am in my office but I have a free time dearest
Chicken rice..
What time now?
2:32 pm
I really want to join you soon on the dinning
Yes..I'm waiting you here
Yes darling
I will be having my vacation soon this month end and I really want to use that opportunity to come over so we can meet and discuss about our future
You want to come Malaysia?
How long your vacation?
Yes I want to come and be with you on my vacation darling
One month and two weeks long..
You come alone?
I will be coming with my kid dearest
There is one thing that bothers me
I want to do house investment in your country old your kid?
What things?
House investment
14 years
Its a decision darling
Now that we are planning for the future
It will always bring us closer
So, what your plan?
Look for me a house for sale in your country and tell me the price so that when I am coming, I will come with the money
Owh...there are many new house..
I stay at small state..
No problem
Investment is good even in the village
Get for me the prices on the buildings darling
I will give you web link..
You should search by yourself and get the one good darling
What I need is to know the price
Yes darling
Nowadays house price around MYR500k-700k
Ok darling
So I should budget such amount of money
Have you come to Malaysia?
No I never
I am coming because of you only
So we can see each other than talking of facebook all the time
Thank you for your kindness..
I'm really appreciate it..
You are welcome darling
What are your planning for our future?
To marry you and live with you and my kid in your country
How about your kid?
And your job there?
Yes she will follow me to you country darling
Yes darling
  Gambar sapa la pulak dia kata anak dia..hihi
She so pretty..compared to me..
Thanks darling
She is now your kid 
Yes...but can she accept me..
Yes of course
So worried..
Don't worry because she has seen me chatting you and she likes you
Hopefully everything will be ok..
Yes darling
I can't wait to see your face by month end
This month..
Yes I told you already
My vacation will start by month end
After eid?
Yes darling
Next month
I will come by month end and go back by next month
The purpose of coming is to buy the house and for us to see ourselves and discuss about our future darling
You will meet my family?
Yes of course
I will meet them darling
Hope you like such?
What year you born?
1965 darling thing that you must know is my dad 1962, my mom 1966..

There is no problem darling
Age is just the number (kalah beza umoq dato k dgn ct..hihi)
Yes darling
Where you plan to spend your vacation?
In the place you like in your country
Yes darling
Hopefully everything will be fine
I have some paper works now darling
We chat again later please
Hari ke-7
19/09/2015 20:21
Assalamualaikum darling
How are you doing darling?
Just online..
I am in the office now
What is the time over there?
Here is 1:28 PM
Have you taken your dinner?
Fried mee..
What you eat for lunch
Sorry I was on call
I am back darling
Fish and chips
What are you doing now?
Just online and chat with u
Ok my darling
Do you country has a beach?
Of course..
Hope you will take us there?
Thanks darling
Penang is near my place
I can't wait to be with you
Very good darling
You are the apple of my eyes
Your kid not school that time?
They will be on holiday
So both of us will be coming to meet you
I'm always happy to hear that..
Yes darling
I miss you
Do you miss me?
I hope everything will be fine..
What do you always means by I hope everything will be fine please?
You always used this statement on me darling
What do you mean by that please
Dont miss understand.. My friend knows UK guys..
What do UK guys do?
That guy told her to wait at airport.. After a few hours, that guy not come but the plane already landed..
That's why I'm worried..
Why did the guy didn't come again?
He just cheat on my friend..
He said that he was be detained by immigration and need some many to get off..
Then what happened?
When my friend checked, they are nobody that be detained there..
Too bad and terrible indeed
But you said he cheated your friend
Yes..actually he not be detained.. African scam.. They used other pictures to cheat on my friend..
Are you okay?
Why you unfriend with me?
last sekali, dia telah unfriend aku sekali dengan 2 mutual friend tu..hihihihihi
So, kalau nak baca pengalaman org lain boleh tengok di blog hairul .. 
*jadi kerja pulak aku dok pi layan...buat pengalaman kan...apa salahnya,..huhu